About ReadySteadyCode

ReadySteadyCode exists to help Rubyists and Rails developers learn new stuff and get better at coding. Topics include anything of interest or use to Ruby and Rails developers, intermediate level upwards. Learning ways to use Ruby outside of Rails, creating fully functional Rails apps from scratch, and helping you put your existing knowledge into practice.

About the author

My name is Tim, and I’m a Ruby developer just like you. I’ve built e-commerce websites and voting systems from scratch, released a number of Ruby gems, taught workshops on how to integrate payments and write cleaner code, implemented the OAuth signature algorithms twice, and written working code in 15+ programming languages—not counting Excel macros 🙄

I’ve been using Ruby as my go-to programming language since I first started learning it back in 2004. It’s still a great choice for building software at many levels, from a quick script up to line-of-business applications. I created ReadySteadyCode so I can share some of this experience with you.

Get in touch

If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions I’d love to hear them! Send an email to tim@readysteadycode.com and I’ll reply to you personally.